Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Weekend of Rest.......Mentally and Physically

Today has been a day of healing for me.
Both mentally and physically.
I am fighting a cold and sore throat that I am certain one of my darling little 2 year olds gave to me at work.
I am also trying to catch up on rest, if not sleep, that I have been lacking for the past 2 weeks.
For whatever reason, my brain has decided that sleep is not necessary for me, and staying asleep
for more than 2 hours at a stretch has proved impossible lately.

When I am nursing a cold, I like to stick with natural, holistic remedies.  Me and medications have a love/hate relationship.  I love what they do when they work, but I hate how they make me feel in the process.  So I try and stay away from them.
 Ingredients for Turmeric Lassi that I made last weekend to help ward off this cold and boost  my immune system. 


 Today's drink of choice to help soothe a sore throat.  I am not able to drink caffeine anymore, so I am really glad that my favorite Tulsi tea is caffeine free.  A lot of time, I will make up my own lemon ginger tea, but today I just was not feeling it and took the easy way out.  I have had my tea kettle on the wood stove for most of the day, keeping my water hot and ready for whenever my tea cup ran low.

Healing the body is one thing, but healing the soul is another.  The past two weeks have been tough ones for me and I am working through a few personal things.  Nothing earth shattering,  just things I need to deal with.  Today, I decided not to think about those particular things and I would let another part of my mind take over.  I brought my paints out next to the wood stove, set up a nice area to do some painting and found a lesson in Tamara Laporte's Life Book 2013 course that Mindy Lacefield was teaching and got busy.  It was so fun to paint like a child and just let go.  I have been in such a funk lately, I forgot how much doing my art makes me relax and lets my mind just shut off.  It was really, really nice.

I just painted this one right into my art journal knowing that I would probably be journaling throughout the day and weekend.  It's called A Bunny Party and it just makes me smile.

Next was a Mindy Lacefield inspired self portrait.  I really love the way Mindy paints.  Her whimsical, colorful approach to her art is so happy.  And her techniques are such that I can make them work for me. 

 Tomorrow I will do more of the same.  Probably more journaling with pen and paper so that I can dump out some ideas and thoughts rambling around in my little head, that other people don't really need to read nor probably want to read.

I have a few photos to post before I sign off.   They are of the wood box that my sweet hubby designed for me, using old doors that we found in an abandoned barn. Robby built it and I sanded the wood down to a smooth finish and then covered it in a clear finishing wax.  The paint is all the original paint on the doors.  I simply love it and especially love the shelf he added so that I can create little arrangements of some of my favorite objects and change them out on a whim.  We have our wood stove burning from October until well into March and sometimes even April.  That means we go through a lot of firewood, so it is nice to have something so pretty holding our wood and a few of my favorite things.


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  1. Hello Debbie,
    You left the loveliest comment on my blog last year, that I found tonight as I wandered back there...reminiscing. I am glad it brought me here, to read your open-hearted words. You inspire me in the ways you are taking care of yourself, especially the resting and wise.

    I hope you are much better now and am wishing you a beautiful rest-of-November,